Can you be the happiest woman in the world?

During my trip as a pilgrim in Saudi Arabia in 2008, I found the book about the happiest woman in the world.
I try to make a resume, also I try to practice them to myself.
You can be the happiest woman in the world with these matters:
1. Remember :
Allah loves woman who prays and fasts
Alah loves wise and dignified woman who observes hijab,
Allah lover aware, well-read and educated woman,
Allah loves charitable, sincere, trustworthy and loyal woman,
Allah loves a patient woman,
Allah loves a woman who remembers and gives thanks to Him,
Allah loves woman who follows the footstep of Aisyiah, MAryam and Khadijah,
Allah loves a mother of heroes and producer of men,
Allah loves a woman with cherries and guard of values,
Allah loves a woman who heeds the sacred limits of Allah and keeps away from forbidden things.

2.Please, do
beautiful, warmth and friendly smile,
establish friendship with Islamic concept,
bring happines to the poor,
learning Al Qur’an,
praying for forgiveness,persisting in du’a,
raising the children in Islam,
act modestly and guard the hijab,
fearing Allah, respecting high values,
honouring parents,
reading usefull and beneficial books.

3. Please, do not
waste the time with futile arguments,
give priority to money over health, happines, sleep and peace of mind,
seek other people’s fault, backbitting about them,
indulge in physical pleasure,
waste the time with shallow people,
neglect the physical hygiene and cleanliness in the house,
aware to haram drinks, food and cigarettes,
think of past calamities and dwell on past mistakes,
forget the Hereafter,
neglect to strive for the Hereafter,
waste the money on Haram things.

4. Please, think and do:s
how mercy to the week and you will be happy,
be optimistic,
wipe away your tears, think well of Allah,
do not think that the world is ever perfect for anyone,
be like a tall tree with high aims,
wudlu and siwak are effective medicines for all kinds of distress and worry.

5. Think about it
Be like a bee, which lands on fragnant flowers,
You do not have time to seek out people’s fault,
The fire of envy consumes body and mind,
If you do not prepare today, you will not be able to do anything tomorrow,
Let your moral and attitudes be even more beautiful,
Do act of kindness.
I hope these things will be usefull for you,
Read, learn and practice it..
good luck for you
If Allah will….


2 Responses to “Can you be the happiest woman in the world?”

  1. January 1, 2010 at 8:50 am

    i think u did.. 🙂

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