Materi Presentasi ACCP 10 th, Singapore

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Charlie Sands (RE 1)<Christine Teng_Pharmacists_outcomes_Infectious Diseases_Jul2010/a>
Dipiro – Pharmacy in the 21st Century
Dipiro _ Keynoteaddress
Engko Magdalene BE Topic
Fe-Lin Lin Wu Chinese herb nephropathy
Geraldine Koh ppt
Hiroyuki Kamei Slide ACCP2010 Final
How Priscilla ACCP_CKDvitD_PriscillaHow_v2
Huong – Medication Safety Practice in Viet Nam
Kehoe Pharmacogenomics and Psychiatric Medications 2010
Kwon KL Modeling&Sim in pediatrics_Korea
Lee Vivian ACCP.conference.11.07.2010
Nancy Ko Presentation ACCP 2010
Surakit Community pharmacy role in DM
Yolanda Vitamin Supplementation_YRR2
Surakit ACCP 10th warfarin debate 2007
Pattarachayakul Sutthiporn Combination therapy for MDR GNB-5
Shin Hyun-Taek ACCP_Korea
Sindelar ACCP 2010 v2
Zheng Jiao ACCP 2010 -r1.1
Lander Roger Disease Outbreak Response – publish ver
Newby HITTS(2)
Ritchie Kwok, HK
Somratai_Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease Mineral and Bone

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